Is a Gas Heater More Efficient Than an Electric One?

I’ve been getting some absurd electric bills lately & it is making me wonder if our electric heating system is using too much electricity to heat our flat.

I need to go visit the outdated woman in the store & see what she thinks about it.

She has been an Heating & A/C specialist for longer than I have been alive so I suppose she will have an answer. I bet that she is going to tell me that a gas unit is the way to go because it is much cheaper than an electric 1. I’m not sure how much they cost to change out however I am going to run down to the local business to see if they are open today. Okay, so I just came back from the store & they are not open today because it is Wednesday. I am going to look online at gas oil gas furnaces & compare their energy USAge to the electric heater. I suppose I could get a gas tank installed & even heat the water in our beach house with it too. I have an outdated sizzling water heating system with a rusty tank that could be changed for a current 1. I suppose our water heating system is using a lot of power too because I take sizzling baths after our morning swim each morning & I suppose I am using a lot of power to heat the water. I need to take these baths though because when I get beach house from our swims I am cold & need to heat our body up quickly.


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