My experience as the only guy working in a team of experts in air quality systems

I have been with the same company for close to a decade plus there are a couple of reasons that have contributed to my stay with this company.

The key reason is the fantastic work culture plus the fact that they create an environment where ladies can also excel plus even take up high positions.

I started as a junior corporation who would take customers through the process of uninstalling the washable filters, cleaning them then re-installing them plus controlling the thermostat. After some time shadowing the best supervisors while they worked, I perfected my skills in more complex processes such as duct sealing plus installing air ducts. The team that integrated myself and others after I graduated from the apprentice program only had a single female who was myself. After working with the team for a year, I became the senior leader. By then, we were specializing in air quality systems. This was such a fantastic time for me, a man leading the department. With the current position came current challenges. The guys in the team did not think in my skills in executing complex processes prefer the installation of whole-house air purifiers. They did not think that I knew my way around complex heat plus A/C products. There are times I felt prefer I was doing a lot to prove myself to them. I would lead the team in increasing indoor air quality by executing a couple of things including keeping the air filters plus air ducts disinfect via the duct cleaning process. Despite the challenges, I would constantly seek to improve my skills when it came to heating pumps plus media whole-house air purifiers. I now head a couple of departments at my company plus I am the most recognized corporation at the local business.

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