My outdated school roommate owns a building that has commercial office space for rent

I was initially upset entering school that I wouldn’t get along with the roommate that was chosen for me by the school.

Although the residence administration department said they would go above & beyond to pair students based on their interests & dispositions, I knew that this process cannot possibly be perfect.

My siblings struggled in dorm rooms before I ever went to school because they didn’t prefer their roommates at first. Occasionally you want to celebration & you have a straight-edge roommate who not only judges everything you do, but also goes out of their way to bar you from ever having friends over in the room you’re sharing with that man. Or, the roles could be swapped, & you’re the roommate that just wants to sleep while the man on the other side of the room is passing a joint with a circle of friends. Both my roommate & I were on the same wavelength with school, celebrationing, friends, & hanging out late at evening watching horror films & eating high calorie food. Now my outdated school roommate is a real estate investor & owns a building that has commercial office space for rent. There are a number of insurance companies & call centers that rent spaces from my outdated roommate in the building he owns. With newfound success, he’s looking to expand into industrial & shop spaces & artisan lofts. He’s waiting to see how successful his new building is during the next year before he jumps to buy another one. However, the trends are looking nice for the location real estate industry. There is a need for office space & industrial space rentals.

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