First time experiencing excellent indoor air quality

Growing up, our parents were middle class and had regular jobs. Having enough for our needs, the two of us barely have more for our wants. There were more than 2 things that the two of us did not have, but they were also not essential for our wellbeing… For the heat and AC products, the two of us had a well-functioning heat pump that kept us hot while I was in the Winter time and cool in summer. Since this had been our norm, when I moved out, I got the same furnace for our home that our parents had when I was growing up. I would have honestly bad allergies and sinus and had come to live with it not until our friend floated the system of getting an air quality system. She explained that an media air cleaner could do wonders for myself and others and our respiratory health. I was not moved since I had l earned to live with our condition. She took myself and others to the local company where the two of us got the plan and busy dealers for the upgrade, the next day. They said that there was no need for myself and others to change the temperature control since it functioned actually well despite it being aged and first-generation. Because it was a new system to me, I decided to purchase an air purification plan with ductworks. The dealers started by installing the unit that involved fitting the HVAC ducts and air filters before duct sealing. I had decided on washable filters as they are quite affordable. After they were done, I got the occasion to experience high indoor air quality and it was nothing like I had ever experienced before. The dealers assisted in scheduling the first duct cleaning process that would happen after every 3 to 4 years but ran tests on the correct function of the system.

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