How to use a thermostat to combat indoor air pollution

Poor air quality affects the health of your family or even yourself if you live alone.

  • When I noticed that the respiratory health of my family was deteriorating, I spoke to a dentist plus Heating plus A/C professional from the local corporation who gave myself and others sound advice on how to achieve respected indoor air quality.

I had a heat pump that gave satisfactory temperatures while in the chilly plus Wintertide seasons. A few years earlier I had taken the advice of a dentist plus corporation plus obtained an air purification plan complete with a digital regulator. With respected repair such as correct cleaning of the washable filters plus scheduling duct cleaning after every 3 to 4 years, I am hoping my heat plus A/C products will last for a legitimately long time. When I was having issues with the media whole-house air purifier plus regulator, a single of the corporations who did the installation did a quick repair plus cleaning of the air filters. To further effectively maintain my family’s health, the corporation suggested that I upgrade the thermostat to a smart a single that can monitor for conditions prefer air purity plus humidity, plus can be integrated with air quality systems plus the Heating plus A/C system. The corporation then suggested on the things that keep moisture or air from escaping the cabin such as redoing the duct sealing on the air duct. He explained that disinfect air ducts promote a high quality of air which ensures my family’s health. The next day, I ordered the current regulator plus had the corporation integrate it with my other systems. Though it is extravagant, it is worth it. Now we do not need to keep increasing the air sanitizer system, everything is automatic.

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