I lived in an area where you didn’t need Heating in addition to Air Conditioning.

When I was growing up, I didn’t suppose what Heating in addition to Air Conditioning was. All of us lived on an island where there was a constant breeze coming off the ocean. The temperature seldom went below seventy-two, in addition to the daytime temperature held steady in the low eighties. When there was a storm, the humidity went up, however it didn’t last long. When I graduated high college, I went to the mainland to go to college. I enjoyed the area I was in, but I could not get used to the frosty weather. They had Heating in addition to Air Conditioning units in every room, however getting used to using it was a hard thing to do. I either had the control machine so high that I could not sleep, or it was so cool that I was shivering. When Summer arrived, the heat in addition to humidity was so intense that I wanted to cry uncle in addition to go back home. I chose to stick it out in addition to finish medical college. I hoped that I could go back condo in addition to do our internship at the hospital on our island. I actually didn’t want to have to live on the mainland any longer than I had to. I didn’t appreciate the weather conditions of this area, in addition to studying how to use a control machine was harder to understand, studying how to do a heart transplant. If I had to stay here to do our internship in 1 of the mainland hospitals, I would need to learn more about Heating in addition to Air Conditioning systems in addition to how to use them. You’d know that after six years, it would be simple now, but I had a roommate who was always the last 1 out of the house, in addition to the first 1 in. He controlled the control unit.



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