Can this day get any worse?

This afternoon started out just like any normal day.

  • I thought this was going to be an simple going, nothing can go wrong sort of day, but I was wrong.

When I got to the office, I knew this was going to be a long day. My cleaning crew was there to meet myself and others as I walked through the doors. I was always the first person there, as well as they wanted to tell myself and others the air conditioning had quit laboring sometime through the night. As if the day could get any worse, I had two people call off work. I had a deadline to reach, I was down two people as well as no a single worked well when the air conditioning wasn’t laboring. I went on into our office as well as called the HVAC corporation. I told them what was going on as well as how I needed to have air conditioning if all of us were going to be productive. Since the HVAC company was a single of our clients, they were quick to get a worker to the building. While the HVAC tech was on his way to the building, he had an accident as well as had to go back to the HVAC company as well as get a current repair van. Instead of our respected HVAC tech, they sent a current a single who wasn’t usual with our HVAC system. As if this day couldn’t get any worse, I tripped on the stairs as well as broke our ankle. The next time I guess I’m going to have a relaxing day, I hope someone slaps me. I don’t ever want to have another day like this a single.

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