Finally getting an media air cleaner for more comfort while pregnant

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was easily scared so I went to a women’s shelter.

  • The shelter was a government initiative that helped pregnant women plus teens with shelter plus assistance until they were able to kneel on their own.

I had been at the shelter for more than two months plus the experience was better than I had imagined. There was a heat pump to help keep us cool from the Summer heat, we had hot food every day plus a roof over our heads. On Friday, the matron announced that the governor had donated an air purification plan to the shelter that would help improve the indoor air conditions thus promoting the respiratory health of pregnant women plus more importantly the newborns. The media air cleaner was delivered by professionals from the local company who proceeded with the installation. The professionals came in plus out of the shelter carrying machine such as air ducts for the air duct. During the duct sealing process, I had to take a walk in the garden as the shelter became easily noisy. The heat plus A/C products I saw seemed easily complex plus expensive. The professionals also changed our thermostat to a wireless 1 that only the matron could control. I struck up a conversation with 1 of the techies who explained the function of the air quality plan plus what an owner could do to ensure it lasted easily long since it is easily costly. The correctly tied up duct cleaning was the first requirement followed by keeping the air filters free from dust by cleaning the washable filter every 3 to 6 months. A few months later, I provided birth plus I had never been happier to have gotten help from the amazing people at the shelter.



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