I Need to Make a Good Dinner Tonight for a Treat

I’m feeling a bit down today & not sure why however I am going to change our mindset now & switch to a better feeling.

  • There is no use sulking for no reason so I just need to shift our frame of mind.

Maybe going down to the beach to watch the surfers will jar me out of this funk. Or I could get a few friends together & play a few games of volleyball on the beach near me. Maybe doing something productive like giving our Heating & A/C equipment a tune up would put me in a better mood. I suppose in the Winter the skies can get gray & get you down but you just need to suppose of all of the things you have & recognize grateful for them. I could light some incense & turn on our UV air purifier to wash some of the smoke from the air & learn a nice book as the sunshine just popped out. I could pet our little black dog but it almost took our hand off last time I tried because it is still getting used to me & our locale. Maybe I’ll turn on the radiant floors as our feet are very frigid & put on some fuzzy wool socks. I need to buy some current pants too because the 1s I’ve been wearing are getting holes in them & looking very ragged. I suppose I will turn on our central heating unit & check the filter to make sure it is clean. I suppose it’s been weeks since doing so.


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