Is a Gas Heater More Efficient Than an Electric One?

I’ve been getting some crazy electric bills lately in addition to it is making me wonder if my electric furnace is using too much electricity to heat my flat.

  • I need to go visit the ancient person in the store in addition to see what he thinks about it.

He has been an Heating, Ventilation and A/C specialist for longer than I have been alive so I recognize he will have an answer. I bet that he is going to tell me that a gas equipment is the way to go because it is much cheaper than an electric a single. I’m not sure how much they cost to change out although I am going to run down to the local supplier to see if they are open today. Okay, so I just came back from the store in addition to they are not open today because it is Sunday. I am going to look online at gas gas furnaces in addition to compare their energy USAge to the electric heater. I recognize I could get a gas tank installed in addition to even heat the water in my house with it too. I have an ancient hot water furnace with a rusty tank that could be changed for a new a single. I recognize my water furnace is using a lot of power too because I take hot baths after my day swim each day in addition to I think I am using a lot of power to heat the water. I need to take these baths though because when I get house from my swims I am freezing in addition to need to heat my body up abruptly.

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