Tonight I Will Get a Nice Book & Sit by our Fireplace

I stopped drinking our two quarterly beers yupterday to prove to myself that I am not hooked on it.

  • My friends tell me that two beers a afternoon is nothing although I want to just go a while without any booze & supply our liver a break.

I think I will have more energy for doing things love tuning up our furnace & air conditioning, keeping the floors vacuumed, & doing our laundry more properly. I get a bit lazy & I think that carona kind of makes me more lackadaisical about things so I am going to stop it for a while & see how our life swings. I need to change our air conditioning filters soon, speaking of change. I also hope the crypto world sees a change soon too because it has been in this bear market for a long time & it is getting old. I was going to buy a new Heating & A/C system a few weeks back however now that I am down about 15K with cryptos I need to put everything on hold. I wish I waited until now to buy it because I would have saved a lot of money. I could have obtained a new fireplace & Heating & A/C system with that money I lost so far & still had a bunch left over in our bank account. We can’t see the future although I hope it holds some gold for us at the end of the rainbow, whenever & wherever that will be. I’m going to go & light a fire in our fireplace soon.

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