Thankful for air conditioner

We’ve had nothing but steady rain for the past few days.

Despite the nonstop downpour, the heat and humidity have not let up. I am extremely thankful that we finally replaced our HVAC system. My husband and I had been procrastinating over upgrading the packaged unit. Although it was old and no longer living up to expectations, we were reluctant to make such a big investment. The former unit continued to operate but continually malfunctioned. It struggled to manage the chilly winter weather, often freezing up, and the house often felt sticky during the middle of summer. We finally decided that it would be better to be proactive than to be left without temperature control at the worst possible time. Although purchasing and installing a new packaged heating and cooling unit was rather expensive, the process was quick and easy. The system was up and running in a single afternoon with no mess created. We chose to upgrade the thermostat at the same time, and the improvement has been significant. The savings on the monthly utility bills will help to recover the cost. The temperature from room to room is far more consistent, and we’ve noticed that there’s less dust and other contaminants floating around. I am just happy that my house is perfectly comfortable while we are trapped inside on these rainy days. I don’t need to worry about the air conditioner quitting in the middle of the night. Because of the new thermostat, I can make adjustments to temperature, fan speed and all kinds of features through an app on my phone.


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