Finally met my long lost friend while fixing her air purifier

All through middle and high school, I had this friend that I would always hang out with.

We were inseparable, we did everything together, played, studied, had sleepovers, and also kept each other’s secrets. We shared a lot of memories and that is why it was so hard seeing her leave the state. We cried so much but we promised to keep in touch. However, when life happens, things change. We drifted apart since she was miles away and eventually lost touch. I had started an HVAC local business dealing with all types of heat and AC products. On Friday, we received a request from a customer who needed his air purifier checked as it was acting up. I collected my team together with our work tools and headed to the job site as usual. When we got there, the owner had left for an errand and she had left the nanny. We headed to the attic to inspect the ductwork and redo any undone duct sealing. We then proceeded to the duct cleaning process which included vacuuming the air ducts and cleaning the washable filters. Just as we were finishing cleaning the air filters, the homeowner returned. I was stunned when I saw her, we screamed as we ran to each other for a hug. It was such a precious and teary reunion. She requested an upgrade of the thermostat meant for the heat pump. She had gotten the air purification a week after returning to the state but the air quality system started acting up a month in. She was happy about the improved indoor air quality. We met up for lunch the next day and talked our way through the hour.

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