I got radiant heated flooring for my bedroom

Something I have always wanted was to have heated flooring.

I grew up in an all tile house.

Anyone who has tile could tell you how cold those floors can get. When winter rolls around, your feet touching the floor can feel like touching ice. Even with the central heating system warming up the house, that only seems to work for the air. It doesn’t really warm up the floor. Well, as an adult, I had the same problem, and I didn’t really want to have cold floors anymore. I decided instead to go for radiant heated flooring. Radiant heated flooring was something I heard about sometime back, and it was like a light bulb went off. I knew that when I heard about heated flooring, that that was going to be the answer to my problems. Why rely on the central HVAC system, when I had heated flooring at my disposal? If I was lucky, I could have heated floors and the central heater working together. Unfortunately, when I spoke to a HVAC business, and asked about prices, I was only able to afford to have heated floors in one room. So I decided to get the flooring in the room I would use the most, my bedroom. After that, the heated floor installation went smoothly, and was surprisingly fast. The A/C specialist who installed the floor was very nice, and explained the basics of how it would work. Once I felt how good those warm floors felt, I knew I never wanted to go back.



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