I just happened to bump into my HVAC technician.

When I left for work the other day, I never expected that I would be needing to call the HVAC company.

  • My car was running well and I had just the HVAC system replaced, so the cold weather wasn’t giving me any grief.

I was listening to the radio and glanced down at my phone for only a millisecond, but it was long enough to hit a car. I skidded and slid into a parked service van. I put my head, wondering how much this was going to cost me. I had insurance, but even if the owner didn’t, I was responsible for all the bills. I just hoped there wasn’t someone sitting inside when I put my car into their driver’s side door. When I looked up, I saw a familiar looking man in an HVAC uniform, looking in at me. He wanted to know if I was injured. When I realized I had just plowed into my regular HVAC technician, I almost died of embarrassment. I told him I was fine, but I felt horrible. I should have never looked at the phone when the emergency signal went off. He looked at his service van and said he couldn’t get it to the shop and he needed a ride if my car moved. When the homeowner came out, he told her everything was under control and we didn’t need the police or the ambulance. He pulled out his phone, took some photos of his service van, then we headed to the HVAC company. They sent a tow truck to pick up the service and took all my insurance information. Although they were all nice, I still couldn’t believe I had slammed into my HVAC technician.


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