I need to use my tax refund on HVAC repairs

This year I will be smarter with my tax refund.

I say this every year, and every year I make the same mistake.

When I get a large check in my hand, I cannot resist but to go to the liquor store and fill up my entire bar. Then I go to the cannabis dispensary and stock up on my greens, and after that usually the large check is about gone. This year will be different, because the last few months have been so miserable. The HVAC system was on the fritz at this time last year, but I already told you what happened to the tax refund I should have used to pay for repairs. The last two months have been miserable because the temps have been so cold outside, and my central heating is not working. The only thing I could afford to do to stave off freezing to death in my own home was buying a cheap space heater. It is barely strong enough for heating up one room, so I have to move it around with me and sit it next to wherever I sit down. I was too embarrassed to invite people over all winter long because I had no heating and my house never got above 60 degrees! By the time the refund check gets here the temps will be warmer, and I won’t be in such dire need of heating, so I worry I will squander the check again. I hope that I don’t waste it, because when summer arrives I will need a working A/C.

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