No accidental meeting is ever good.

Last year, I was involved in a minor accident.

Both cars were able to drive off the highway and there were no injuries, so the highway patrolman wrote it up as a minor no fault accident.

The other man had stopped dead, and I slammed into his truck. He said he was trying to see what the sign said that was on the mountain. The police shrugged it off. I looked at my car and realized coolant was running onto the ground, beneath my car. There was no way I was going to drive my car away, and if I could, I wouldn’t have air conditioning. On any morning when you wake up to eighty degree temperatures, you know you will have to have air conditioning. I picked up my phone to call AAA and I realized the battery was dead. I had to walk up to the highway patrolman and ask if I could use his phone. AAA promised to have a tow truck there within an hour, and in the meantime, all I could do was wait. I turned the car on, in hopes of getting air conditioning for as long as it took for the tow truck to get there, but I wasn’t to have that kind of luck. I sat in the car with the windows open, hoping to get a cool breeze from the cars going by. What I ended up with was a wild headache because of the car exhaust fumes. The man I hit stayed behind with me while I was waiting for the tow truck. As much as we hit it off as people, I still knew that no accidental meeting was a good one.


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