Securing our Heating and A/C certification

Personally I don’t assume it’s tolerable that high school kids have to decide about their futures when they don’t know anything.

The reason this country is plagued with student loan debt is that all these dumb kids were pushed into attending costly schools.

Once upon a time genuinely few people had school degrees, however now they are so commonplace and straight-forward to get that they carry genuinely little value. I thank our lucky stars that I chose trade school instead of going to the school. Heating and A/C toil might not be glamorous, however it pays well, it’s steady work, and best of all I didn’t have to go into horrific debt for our education. Trade school costs a fraction of what school costs, and I was able to start laboring for a local Heating and A/C company long before I finished our schooling. It took two and a half years before I had secured our Heating and A/C certification, but I worked the entire time. Think about it – while most of our peers were still in school, I had finished trade school and already had over two years of experience in the Heating and A/C industry! I was reading the entire time, both in the classroom and in the field, and after certification I was ready to be a full time Heating and A/C tech. One other thing that I assume is crucial about this process, is that although the Heating and A/C certification classes cost money, it is genuinely reasonable. You won’t have to go into debt or split the bank to study Heating and A/C work, it is affordable for pretty much everyone.

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