I l earned AC service out of necessity

I l earned how to service up the window mounted air conditioning system units out of necessity, not a whim.

Some people learn current skills because they get bored plus have time to kill.

For me, studying a current skill was a matter of being comfortable or spending the whole summer time perspiring bullets. Summers in the deep south are no joke, plus it’s not uncorrect to get 90 plus degree weather with 95% humidity for days plus weeks on end! Even in the middle of the night it remains uncomfortably hot outside. Staying inside is crucial for staying comfortable, however if you don’t have an a/c, being inside is even worse than being outside. When I was a teenager plus our mom was laboring many jobs, I had to be the man of the home although I didn’t think what that meant. It all became clear when the a/c broke, plus the inside temps got into the upper 90s. It was dangerous for our younger siblings to be in such heat, so I had to make an attempt to service the air conditioning. It went about well as you would expect, plus I only made the air conditioning system troubles worse. Late that night I went to a local motel, plus stole 1 of their window mounted a/cs, but using what I had l earned from our failed first attempt, I did much better in tuning up plus maintaining this air conditioning unit. My mom asked myself and others where I had gotten the currency for such a nice a/c, plus I said that I had stolen it. She never mentioned it again.
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