In the south, you need air conditioning

When you live in the deep south, there are a lot of little annoyances that you have to learn to live with, and first of all, there is the heat plus humidity, which is unrelenting for 9 to 10 months a year; The brief hints of cold weather we get are few plus far between.

Secondly, there are the bugs.

Insects plus creepy-crawlies live here in astounding numbers, plus almost all of them bite or sting, then last however not least, there are the hurricanes plus tropical storms that hit the south many times a year, often with flooding plus power outages, and with all of these things laboring against your comfort levels, is it any surprise Heating plus A/C systems are considered a requirement for living here? Quite frankly I don’t understand how this section was ever settled plus civilized, because back then there was no Heating plus A/C technology, however not only was there no air conditioning, however they didn’t have screened in porches or bug spray either – what a nightmare it would have been to live here! I basically keep our Heating plus A/C plan running 24/7, plus genuinely rarely open up any of the windows to let in fresh air. With fresh air comes more bugs, so I keep our home shut up slender to trap all of the cooling inside with me. Hardly any of times a year I need to open everything up for some natural ventilation, so the home doesn’t stink musty. I always try to do this while we were in a period of cold weather, when I don’t need the AC as much plus there aren’t as many bugs out.


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