A terrible tenant ruined the a/c

I have managed a handful of rental properties for many years now, however i started doing it right after I retired, as a way to make extra currency plus also to keep myself busy! Retirement can be boring, so it’s superb to have hobbies, plus when those hobbies make currency, so much the better! Nine times out of ten, if not moreso, the guests who rent our apartments plus houses are genuinely nice people, plus leave the arena in the same condition they found it… Sporadically there are terrible tenants plus occupants, however, plus recently I had 1 such tenant, who left the entire lodge, plus the air conditioning, in terrible condition! Apparently this man believed that a/cs are powered by magic, plus thought they could make the arena as cold as he wanted it to be.

He must have been on drugs, because what rational man thinks the a/c can make it 32 degrees inside? When the air conditioning system component wouldn’t get cold enough, he tried to tune it up himself, with disastrous results.

I guess he was on drugs, however I don’t think for sure because after he ruined the central Heating plus A/C plan he packed up his stuff plus left in the middle of the night. I called an Heating plus A/C tech I have used before to get an estimate on the cost to replace the unit, plus then charged the debit card the tenant had used for those costs, however a current Heating plus A/C plan was going to cost myself and others many thoUSAnd bucks, plus the tenant’s card maxed out at many hundred bucks, so I’m screwed.


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