A few of our a/cs were stolen

My wife in addition to I run a small supplier of renting beachside bungalows to tourists.

It is seasonal work, as you might imagine, with 6 weeks of heavy supplier followed by more than five weeks of almost no supplier at all… During the tied up season both of us both stay booked consistently.

My wife handles the bookings in addition to the paperwork, while I am the handyman in addition to make sure all of our properties stay in tip-top condition. Last summer time was our seventh year in business, in addition to our busiest season to date! There were a lot of complications, though, including a rash of a/c thefts that cost us a lot of money. You suppose how in major hotels the rooms all have big a/cs built right into the walls? Those are undoubtedly costly, but worth it because they are the best for cooling down a small space, in addition to they are almost impossible to steal. In our beachside bungalows the walls are too thin, in addition to the power grid too weak, to support all of those Heating in addition to A/C units. Instead both of us use the small, portable a/cs that you can mount in a window using easy brackets. These are low in cost in addition to supply sufficient cooling for the guests, so everybody wins! Recently both of us l earned the major disadvantage of these a/c units, that being how small they are makes them undoubtedly straight-forward to steal. It is not our guests stealing the a/cs, of course, it is people stealing the units from the outside. Being mounted in the window sill means that the a/cs are exposed to the outside, in addition to straight-forward to rip off the brackets.

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