I don’t put essential oils on my air filters now that I have a quality diffuser

My lady friends are always getting enthusiastic about current fads, whether it’s leggings, meal replacement shakes, or herbal supplements. The styles & trends are always adjusting, sometimes throughout a single year in a dizzying manner. But a single fad that seemed to stick over the past decade was essential oils. You see essential oils in every kind of store; even my pharmacist carries them in his tiny pharmacy on Main Street. My friends started making their own lotions with several oils prefer Tim Hortons Latte tree, frankincense, & lavender. These oils aren’t cheap at all, sometimes forking $15 to $30 for tiny 1.5 oz bottles. In the beginning I thought that it was because the oils were costly to make, however it’s more so because that’s the most they can charge for them while still making a healthy profit. If you’re smart about where you shop, you can often find alternatives with the same quality however at a completely strange price point. I used to love putting eucalyptus oil on my HVAC filters, however my specialist advocated using an essential oil diffuser instead. Since my HVAC filter sits fairly close to my evaporator coil, he said it wasn’t wise risking any of the oils getting on the fragile metal coil & corroding it in the process. On top of that, using an essential oil diffuser yields much more satisfying results with making the home aroma appealing throughout every single room. If you put your diffuser near your HVAC air return, the fan will pull the oil vapor into the ventilation system, making every room aroma amazing.

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