I found a VCR and a little undefined system

When I say that I needed to hide out from the law, that doesn’t mean I committed a crime.

There was some legal trouble our family was in, and the last thing I wanted to do was to testify against our own mother.

I decided to go “on the lam” as they say, and hide out for a few weeks until her trial was over. A trusted family friend managed to find me a remote cottage in the foothills where I could stay for a few weeks, or even a few weeks. It was simple, and small, however there was electricity and a water heater, and an old rabbit-ear cable! A few nights later I got up into the attic and found some other goodies, including a small portable unit, and a VCR with a box full of videotapes. I can’t say which one made me happier, because the little system was such a breath of fresh, freezing air in the musty old cottage. Located in a narrow valley in the foothills, this cottage got genuinely little direct wind, which means the cottage got little ventilation or air circulation. The unit was barely strong enough to cool me down even when I kneel right on top of it, however still it was a nice change! Even better than the system was the VCR and the old videotapes, most of which were sitcoms and cartoons from the 82s. Turning on the system, and then seeing the old tapes all night long was the most fun I had living in that cottage.


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