Be on the lookout for unlicensed HVAC scammers trying to make money for nothing

I learned that my home state is notorious for fraudsters and scam artists.

The amount of fraud reported each year far outpaces that of other states in the country.

My heart is broken when I hear how this state is targeted because of the significant population we have here of retirees and senior citizens—who are seen as easy targets by con artists and criminals. There are awareness campaigns and community classes to teach seniors how to avoid scams, but it’s hard when these people have brains that are rapidly deteriorating. The older I get, the more compassion and empathy I get for those who are struggling with their cognitive faculties, regardless of the reason. However, sometimes there are bold scammers who will target just about anyone they come across in hopes that they will hook someone eventually. There are unlicensed HVAC scammers who will go around offering free inspections so that they can claim there is something wrong with your heating and cooling system. As you might imagine, they convince you that you are in need of repairs that you don’t need at all, and obviously they insist on doing the repairs themselves before you’ve had a chance to get other quotes, let alone think about the decisions for a few minutes. To my luck, I told the man that I would call him back and then I sent him on his way. After looking online for a bit, I discovered that he was a wanted scammer and I forwarded his information to the police. I never heard anything from the cops about the HVAC scammer, but I hope they found him and put him behind bars.

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