Carpet cleaning because I live where it is sandy

I live down south in the country.

My lawn isn’t really a lawn.

I have little tufts of grass that sticks out of white sand. I feel like I live on a beach but just not by the water. The sand is something that I constantly fight. I have two doorways, one to the living room and one to the kitchen. In the kitchen it isn’t a big deal. I have tile floors that I just vacuum, sweep and mop when I need to get rid of the sand. The living room is all rug. The carpets extend down the hallway and into the bedrooms. I like to walk around outside barefoot. I have a cat that sheds a lot of hair and rolls in the sand. My kids are constantly playing in the yard as well. As a family we bring a lot of sand, dirt and hair into the house. I vacuum but it only does so much. After a while my carpets feel brittle and like they had a beach day. I used to rent one of those carpet cleaners but they were terrible. It left the rugs soggy and smelly for hours. I couldn’t have anyone go in the house during the drying period. I found a residential cleaning company that does carpet cleaning near me. They have professional level rug cleaning tools. They don’t leave my rugs super wet and stinky. They get all the gross dirt, hair and grime out of the rugs by how they clean as well. I basically need to take the kids to the grocery store and then by the time I come back, the rugs are all done. The house feels brand new after a rug cleaning.
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