Different styles of workouts

I know that it’s important to change up my daily workouts and incorporate all different types of exercises.

  • It’s good to let muscles and joints rest in-between training sessions.

It’s most beneficial to focus on all different areas of the body. There are workouts when I mainly concentrate on the upper body and those where I focus on the lower body. Some training sessions are structured around high intensity cardio and calorie burn while others are more about strength training. Switching up styles of workouts also keeps things interesting and helps to avoid injury. One of my favorite workouts is riding my bike to a nearby athletic field. I am fortunate to have access to a bike path just down the road from my house. The path is paved, extends for over 60 miles in either direction and doesn’t allow motorized vehicles. Occasionally, I’ll spend my entire hour-long workout simply riding my bike. I love breathing in the fresh air, feeling the sun on my face and enjoying the scenery. The bike path travels through a wooded area where I often spot squirrels, rabbits, turtles and various kinds of birds. I can easily increase the intensity of the exercise by shifting to a higher gear or pedaling faster. I’ve outfitted my bike with holsters for my phone, a water bottle and a bluetooth speaker. I have a basket that allows me to carry along a towel, jump rope and whatever I need. I typically ride twenty minutes to an athletic field where I can stretch and go through various series of lunges, squats and ab crunches. I like to use the sidewalk to run. I then hop on my bike and make the ride home. I like that this workout incorporates a wide range of exercises.


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