Getting in shape takes dedication

Losing weight and getting healthy wasn’t easy.

It took a great deal of time, effort and dedication. I didn’t go on a diet but made a lifestyle change. I needed to completely change the way I eat and become committed to daily exercise. Over the years, I had tried and failed to become more physically fit. I knew that I would have trouble achieving my goals without the guidance and support of knowledgeable professionals. I signed up at a gym that offers personal training and access to a nutritionist. The nutritionist worked with me to develop a menu that I would be happy with, feel satisfied and get sufficient vitamins and minerals. I learned how to make healthy substitutions in the ingredients of my meals. I became better about portion control, stopped snacking in-between meals and gave up fast and processed foods. I started drinking a lot more water. The personal trainer designed a workout program that challenged me. The first few training sessions were brutal, and there were many times when I thought about quitting. After the workouts, I felt extremely sore and exhausted. However, I also felt a sense of accomplishment. I noticed that I was in a better mood, had more energy and was more productive for the rest of the day. The [personal trainer was great about motivating me and encouraging me toward bigger goals. By remaining committed to my meal plan and strenuous exercise, I have built and toned my muscles and slimmed down. I feel strong and healthy. I now look forward to my workout sessions and enjoy keeping active.

Gym transformations