I used my tax refund this year to get an air purifier for my central HVAC system

Dealing with my finances alone is difficult after having my parent’s safety net underneath me for most of my life.

Now that they’re gone and my dad isn’t around to help me with my taxes, it’s my responsibility to learn these things on my own.

In hindsight, I feel ashamed that I relied on them so much to begin with. They were always ready and willing to help me after all, but they probably would have done me a lot of favors by helping me learn some of the harder lessons on my own. I think about my own future children a lot and wonder if I’ll ever be capable of doing better than what my parents did for me, all the while making sure that I go out of my way to prepare them for a life spent alone if the worst ever manages to occur. Thankfully, my life is getting better slowly as I am more dedicated to making budgets and sticking to them. It does no one any good to make a list of expenses if that list is ignored throughout the month. This year I have a little boost from a larger than average tax return, most of which is going towards an air purifier that I’m buying for my central HVAC system. I have an air purifier that sits on my desk in my home office, but I would like a larger one that filters all of the air inside my house. That’s when my HVAC technician suggested that I consider buying a media air purification system. This results in cleaner indoor air, especially if it’s paired with a UV-C light of some kind in the air handler of the central HVAC system.