I’m happy we were cool with the a/c running in the car

Things were kind of a hassle when I first moved our family to another state, then one of the priorities was getting our current driver’s licenses… I thought both of us would be able to take care of our vehicle registration and licenses at the same place, however I was totally wrong about that! They only worked on our driver’s licenses at this shoddy office, then the temperature control settings were not even comfortable and the air quality was totally lacking.

I was kind of blissful at first because I saw there weren’t a bunch of people in the building, however the staff was short; then also, the process took about an hour which was way longer than I expected… Then by the time both of us got out of the building, both of us were genuinely perspiring.

As soon as both of us got in our car, I adjusted the temperature control settings to get the AC going, and we just rested there for a while before going somewhere. I don’t know about you, however when I am warm, I guess I am sleepy and miserable; and fortunately, the AC from the car was able to help rejuvenate us… However, then both of us had to head over to the location to register our vehicle and get our current license plate. That was another hassle. It was bad enough that this place was far away from our house, however the lady who I made the appointment with didn’t tell me everything I needed to bring. I ended up having to call all the way back to the lake house to pick up our social security card and drive all the way back, it was such a hassle. After everything was done though, I was blissful to learn that both of us would be able to renew everything online in the future instead of going back to the office.

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