Stolen air conditioner has me irate!

I suppose that it’s happened to all of us at one time or another.

You let someone into your house, and they steal from you.

It could be a friend at a party, or a worker you hire to come and perform a service for you. When you invite someone into your home, there is a social contract involved, and so when that person violates the contract and steals from you, it is shocking and upsetting. This happened to me just recently, and I’m still dealing with it. In this case the issue was twofold, because my trust was violated, and I lost my air conditioner in the process. It honestly never occurred to me that it was even possible to steal an air conditioner, even the smallest ones are quite dense and heavy! The spare bedroom in my house used to be a one-car garage, and when it was converted it still wasn’t connected to the central HVAC system. Instead of adding new air ducts to the main system, I decided to buy a window-mounted unit for the room. It was several hundred dollars cheaper to get this kind of AC unit instead of remastering the air ducts. After this party the other night I went into the spare bedroom, and saw that the air conditioner was no longer sitting in the window! The AC unit had been unplugged from the inside, and then unbolted from the outside, so whoever had taken it was someone at my party! That air conditioner cost me three hundred bucks, and I want it back!


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