I don’t believe I can work from apartment with a broken a/c

My a/c plan broke a couple of weeks ago and I just don’t believe that I am going to be able to work from apartment separate from it.

I have been laboring from apartment for a couple of months because I just have not been able to get into the office. It has been entirely nice to work from apartment for awhile, however now that the weather is heating up outside, I don’t know that I’m going to be able to stay here because of the lack of air conditioner. I find it genuinely hard to concentrate if I am too warm, and since the hot and cold temperatures are only going to be going up from here on out throughout the summer, it’s just going to be an issue if my a/c doesn’t start laboring officially. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not dumb. I know that it is not going to start laboring on its own all by itself. I messed around with that a little bit, but I don’t entirely know what I’m doing when it comes to heating and cooling technology. I called up the local heating and cooling business, however they are not able to fit me into their schedule for many weeks or something love that! They told me that they are completely booked solid with all of the air conditioner tune ups that they are trying to get done before summer. I know the a/c tune ups are more important than the a/c repairs at this point. I may end up having to go into the office after all, because I just don’t believe that I can work from apartment with a broken air conditioner.


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