I don’t think that I could live here without our air conditioner

I entirely don’t think that I would be able to live here without our central air conditioner and that is a fact.

I have been living in the southern part of the country for a long time now, and the temperature is entirely nothing to joke about. All of us do not entirely have seasons at all, except for Wintertide and summer. The rapidly changing temperatures while the people I was with and I were in the summer time around here are burning hot, and if you do not have central a/c, then you better just settle in for a long miserable several weeks. I have been living here most of our life, and I do not know anyone who has been here really long who does not have central a/c. If you do not have central a/c, then you at least have a window machine cooling system installed in your bedroom so that you won’t melt away while the people I was with and I were in the middle of the night. In our opinion, if you do not want to spend money for a central cooling system, then you really should not be living down here! Opening the windows around here is just not an option. The air is so hot and muggy that you’re always covered in sweat. I think that the humidity is the worst part of it all. Even if you were not running your cooling system to make the air know cooler, you would need to run it to get rid of the humidity. If I was not able to afford central a/c, then I would really be finding another place to live. There’s no way that I could stay here throughout the summer time without it.

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