I made a modern friend this week

This month I was out in neighborhood doing some errands.

I left the cabin to try to go & find the Heating & A/C business in my local area.

I was in need of some modern disposable air filters, I decided to buy a few weeks of supply of them so that way I would not have to make another trip. As I walked up to the heating & cooling business I walked over to a trash can to throw away some gum I would been chewing. To my surprise when I looked behind the trash can I saw something small & furry & I noticed it was a puppy. I couldn’t think that a puppy would be out here all alone by himself & so I picked him up & to look at him. The little woman was clearly a stray & she did not look care about she was well taken care of. The only thing I could do, I decided to take him cabin with me. I couldn’t just leave him out there. I took him cabin & made an additional trip later to run back in & chance up my disposable air filters, although I had no method that when I went through that afternoon that when I found that little dog that she would become my best friend. That tiny puppy quickly grew into a attractive adult dog who did everything with me, every one of us would go to the park together, walk together, & hike together. Every one of us did everything with 1 another & it was a great time. It has been 1 of the best experiences of my life & it all started just because I went down to the local Heating & A/C store to chance up some air filters. It is by far 1 of the best finds I have ever made.


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