My Heating & A/C system survived the storm

Just the other afternoon I was sitting on cable seeing the news when I saw the weather channel came on! So I decided to watch it & see what the forecast would be & I was aggravated when I saw that all of us were due to get some heavy thunderstorms.

  • What started out as a heavy thunderstorm over the few afternoons really quickly turned into a hurricane.

It got so bad where all of us had no option however to flee the section in order to escape the bad weather. While I was staying in the hotel all I could think about was my heating & cooling system. I had just obtained a brand modern central heating & AC system. This was part of my cabin renovation that I had been doing to modernize the cabin I had just obtained. The brand modern heating & cooling system had just been installed in the cabin & I was afraid of the hurricane was going to destroy it. The hurricane has bad timing, of all times for it to arrive. I called the meeting in AC business & thankfully since I had just obtained it it was still under warranty however that still did not mean that I wanted to destroyed. I sat in the hotel that entire afternoon anxiously away for the storm to be over so I can return home. The storm lasted at several full afternoons & after it was over I was able to return home. I was proposed not to try to turn on my heating & cooling system in case it was disfigured & to have a heating & AC woman come & look at it first. So I stressed an appointment with the Heating & A/C company & the following afternoon they came out & take a look at my heat & AC component system. My great relief, the heating & AC professional told myself and others that my system was wonderful to go & it had suffered no disfigure. I was greatly relieved to hear this.


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