The cultivation component arrived right before the harvest

My family has been growing marijuana on our family farm for the past 50 years, but it wasn’t exactly legal when we started growing marijuana, however our dad found a way to turn the pot company into a lucrative & legal business, then about 10 years ago, she signed up with the state to get a medical marijuana growing permit.

After she was approved for the permit, the farm doubled in size & we started harvesting hemp along with marijuana, but recently we purchased brand current cultivation component for the farm, and the cultivation component was supposed to arrive in March, however it did not show up until right before the harvest.

Both of us had a brand current combine to help option the marijuana & we also had an extraction lab for the hemp. Both of us were starting to worry when the cultivation component did not show up on time. The processing facility told us everything was on the way. There were some troubles with the shipping that had the shipment delayed, however we were told that everything would be here before the 10th of May. I was nervous, however the cultivation component arrived right before the Harvest. It was 3 days before we were supposed to option the plants & I told our dad that we were going to harvest no matter whether we had the current component or not. I was going to go into neighborhood & hire a bunch of able-bodied people to help us. There’s no way I was going to let the harvest wait just because the cultivation component did not arrive on time.

Extraction Lab Construction