I couldn't stay in the same locale any longer

Have you had it when you just knew that it was time for a change? When you had been residing the same life for so long that now you knew you just needed something different.

I am not talking care about a holiday or anything care about that I am talking about a full blown transport to another locale.

This is what my husbandy & I decided to do after 20 years, move to a small neighborhood around 15 years ago & had enjoyed every single hour of it. But now the environment was not what it used to be & it was time for us to chance up & go anywhere else. The insane thing was because of these up-to-date people that were residing here both of us were becoming less & less wanted in our own hometown. It was good with myself and others I was ready to transport on to better things anyways. I had noticed over the years that the winters were gradually getting colder & colder & maintaining my gas furnace was getting harder & harder. It seemed care about instead of having my gas furnace diagnosed by the heating & cooling professionals every year I was now doing it every 6 months. I do not suppose if that’s just because my furnace is getting older or if it’s because the winters are getting colder although I have a hunch that it’s a bit of both, and all in all I am weary of dealing with the freezing anyways & I am looking forward to retiring in a much warmer location. The location where I shall have to worry about is the a/c & having my AC tune-ups. I already found the locale & I am going to be moving next month. It’s a bittersweet moment for myself and others although I do look forward for the change I need.
a/c workman