I think I should take vacation time since the AC isn’t laboring at the office

Lately at the office, I have been feeling irritated. It’s not because of the toil both of us have been doing, however rather it’s the lack of cooling, however about a month ago, the AC system quickly started having trouble cooling down the office environment. The management seemed to not care, in addition to I figured that was because they had their own portable AC systems in their offices. The rest of us have to deal with the boiling conditions in addition to were expected to keep up with productivity, and everybody was sluggish though thanks to the nearly non-existent AC in the building. Both of us eventually started complaining in addition to finally the management said they would look to find a good HVAC company to take care of the AC issue. Well, they have been taking their sweet time because both of us have yet to see an HVAC business in the building. I don’t believe how much longer this is going to take to be honest, however I’m not sure if I can keep going into the office knowing that I’m going to be boiling in addition to sluggish for the whole shift. I think I might have to take some vacation time or something until this issue is fixed. I believe a few of our co-workers already did that in addition to they said they legitimately hope the AC system will be repaired in addition to laboring again by the time they come back to work, however of course, if I don’t ask to use our vacation time soon, they won’t let me because too many others are using their vacation time. I think I’ll be speaking with the boss again soon.

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