I am lucky that I knew the HVAC technician

I had a broken air conditioning system last week and it turned out that the guy who came to fix it for me was someone that I used to teach years ago.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw him pull in the driveway and get out of the HVAC van in my driveway, though.

I was so excited to see him that I was jumping up and down by the time he got to the door with his HVAC tools. I had not seen this guy in years, but he was always one of my favorite students. I remember talking to him about his career prospects back when he was in my 12th grade class, and he told me that he did not really want to go to college. That’s when I told him that not everyone has to go to college and that doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to be successful. He really took what I said to heart, that’s for sure. He graduated and went straight to the technical school that’s close to us. He took the classes to earn his heating and cooling certification and he did so well that he ended up having a job waiting for him when he graduated. He’s been working at the same HVAC company for almost five years now and he just happened to be the one who showed up at my house. I was so excited to see him in his element and doing well. I love to see my former students doing something that they love and he told me that he really enjoys being an HVAC technician.

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