I didn't know if I would use the air purifier

What do you do if something if you’re not even sure if you were going to use it? This is the predicament I was facing with my standard air purifier.

First let me probably say that I do not have any indoor air quality problems. This is mostly thanks to my whole home air purification system, but just the other day my friend came over and dropped off an old standing air purifier that she has if she’s no longer needed. It was a kind thing to do she really thought that I could use it. But in reality it’s just taking up space in my closet, I’m not really sure what to use it for considering already have perfect indoor air quality in my home. It was an easy to obtain but with the whole home air purification system and a high-powered HVAC unit it was accomplishable. I decided to ask around there’s anyone that was in need of a air purifier into my surprise I found many people that were looking to get one. So I put it up for free on a first come first serve basis and it was gone an hour after I put the ad up. Well I hope someone makes good use of it. It was a good quality air purifier and apart from its age it still works great. As for me, I am still sticking to my heating and air conditioning system, and my whole home air purification system. I really do have the best kind of climate control, because the thing that runs my wonderful heating and AC system is my smart thermostat. I don’t know what I would do without it.


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