I think that college is overrated

I personally think that college is a little bit overrated and that more people should go to trade schools to learn a career. I know that this is probably not the most popular idea these days, but it is what it is. I hate the way that so many young adults seem to think that they have to go to college and spend a fortune on their college classes. I just don’t think that is the case, though. I think that a lot of people probably would do better by just going to a trade school or going straight into the workforce. That’s my opinion, of course, but I’m hoping that my kids decide that they want to go to a career center or technical school around here and become a tradesperson instead of going to an expensive university. I have always joked that instead of having a dentist, a doctor, and a lawyer in the family, I would rather have an electrician, a plumber, and an HVAC technician in the family. I think that having an HVAC technician in the family would be amazing. It would be so nice to have someone that you could call whenever you have trouble with your heating and cooling system! I can’t imagine all of the money that I could save on my heating and cooling repairs and tune ups if I just had a child who knew how to do all of that stuff for me for free. That would be amazing. Anyway, I am definitely going to try and get my kids to go to trade school instead of college and hopefully, I’ll get an HVAC technician out of it.

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