My HVAC system survived the storm

Just the other day I was sitting on TV watching the news when I saw the weather channel came on.

So I decided to watch it and see what the forecast would be and I was upset when I saw that we were due to get some heavy thunderstorms.

What started out as a heavy thunderstorm over the few days very quickly turned into a hurricane. It got so bad where we had no choice but to flee the area in order to escape the bad weather. While I was staying in the hotel all I could think about was my heating and cooling system. I had just purchased a brand new central heating and AC system. This was part of my home renovation that I had been doing to modernize the house I had just bought. The brand new heating and cooling system had just been installed in the house and I was afraid of the hurricane was going to destroy it. The hurricane has terrible timing, of all times for it to arrive. I called the meeting in AC business and thankfully since I had just purchased it it was still under warranty but that still didn’t mean that I wanted to destroyed. I sat in the hotel that entire day anxiously away for the storm to be over so I can return home. The storm lasted at two full days and after it was over I was able to return home. I was advised not to try to turn on my heating and cooling system in case it was damaged and to have a heating and AC guy come and look at it first. So I scheduled an appointment with the HVAC company and the following day they came out and take a look at my heat and AC unit system. My great relief, the heating and AC professional told me that my system was good to go and it had suffered no damage. I was greatly relieved to hear this.

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