The janitor messed up everything last week

The janitor at the church really messed everything up last week.

He was supposed to be at the church early to set the air conditioning system up the right way but he didn’t show up.

I don’t know if he just got his days mixed up, or if he just did not care enough about the choir rehearsal to come in and do what he was supposed to do. He hasn’t really been doing that great of a job lately, to tell you the truth. I’m starting to think that we might need to hire a new janitor for the church. When I got there for choir rehearsal at 5 o’clock, the temperature inside the church was 80 degrees! Anyone who has ever tried to sing knows that it’s harder when you are hot and sweaty. It just does something to your voice, in my opinion. Anyway, I went right over to the thermostat. When I turned it down, the central air conditioning came on right away. That’s how I know it wasn’t an issue with the air conditioning system itself. If it worked for me, then it should have worked for the janitor. I found out later that he had not even shown up at all. That was really annoying to me because as the choir director, I really try not to waste anyone’s time. I know that people are volunteering to sing in the choir, so I want to make every minute count. We actually had to wait around outside in our cars until the temperature came down inside of the choir room. It took a while to get down to 72 degrees.