The simple pleasures in life come from an HVAC system

Maybe you’re going to think that is weird, but in my opinion The simple pleasures from life come from having a HVAC system.

Now before you judge me, hear me out.

Could you imagine living in an era before there was Heating and cooling? Probably not, I hear stories from my parents and grandparents about how they had to rely on fans, shade, and swimming in pools during hot summer days. As someone who has never had to live that life or grow up in that I just cannot fathom it. Every time I’m too hot in my house I simply walk over to my thermostat and turn on the cooling. Then within moments I have cool air flowing out of my air vents cooling my whole house down. It all happens so quickly and I think I’m just spoiled for getting things nearly instantly. Sure if the house is really hot and then it will take the air conditioning system a couple of hours to cool it down, but for the most part it’s pretty quick and you can feel the results almost immediately. The same wasn’t true back in the day which is why I very much appreciate and modern technology. I would argue that one of the simple pleasures in life is simply being comfortable, and it’s hard to be comfortable without a heating and cooling system. This is why I take good care of my HVAC system, so that I can hopefully have it for many years to come.



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