I think we will finally get a new thermostat unit .

I even got a new little puppy which I named after my dad, Jim

I have a day off all day today and so I am going to just take it easy as well as then maybe go by the local HVAC business to look at the latest Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C technology. My wife and I are in the market for a modern control component for our component as well as want to see if the two of us can get it locally before we go online to order one. Both of us have been dealing with one of those old dial control units and so we are ready to finally put it to rest, but first we think we need to find a smart control component that will do the things that we actually want it to! I know they cost a lot, but they would really save us both a lot of time spent fiddling around with the settings. We’ve been doing that a lot with our old thermostat control unit. I guess our Mom had it put in back in 1968 and so it’s just high time that we finally get a modern one. My dad left us with some money and so we both want to spend it wisely so the two of us are trying to do things around the home that will help improve our quality of life and our indoor air quality, too. My dad was a Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C contractor for numerous years. Dad left us with his HVAC company. We ended up selling it for a big profit and so we are super grateful for his help over the years. I even got a new little puppy which I named after my dad, Jim. I guess the two of us will bring Jim over to the HVAC business later when the two of us go take a look at those modern control units. Jim loves going for a ride in the motorcar with the windows down and nature’s air conditioner vent blasting in his face.

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