I’m going to take the dog with me to the HVAC store

I have the afternoon off today.

  • I am going to just take it easy and then later I might go over to the local HVAC business to look at the latest HVAC technology.

I am in the market for a current temperature control for our apartment unit. I really want to see if I can buy it locally before going online to order one there. We currently have one of those ancient old dial temperature controls and we are tired of it. But before we get rid of it, we think that we should find a smart temperature control that will do the things all of us want it to do. I don’t understand exactly how they cost that much but they would save us a lot of time spent messing around with the settings. I think that we will like our new temperature control. I think our dad put in the old one way back in the 70s. It’s finally time that we switch over to a new one! Our dad left us some money as well as all of us want to spend it wisely so all of us are trying to do things around the home. We want to help improve our quality of life. For years, my dad was an HVAC business owner and he left us with his HVAC supply business. We ended up selling it for a huge profit. We are so grateful for his help and generosity! Now I even got a puppy which I named after our dad; Jimmy! I think that we’ll bring Jimmy to the HVAC business later when we go to check out the current temperature controls. Jimmy really likes going for a ride in the automobile with the windows down.


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