My property owner took care of the HVAC repair right away

I find myself fortunate because I live in a rented townhome in a city where there are a lot of students.

Everyday I hear stories from the students who work as interns in my office, and they tell me all the time about how bad the management is at their housing complex. one of them does not even live in student housing, she just lives in a little town house like mine, but it is managed by one of the same property management companies that takes care of the student Apartments.If they have Plumbing that is leaking, air conditioning that’s not cold enough, or any other problem, they tend to just get empty promises property managers. I feel bad for them, especially one girl who’s air conditioning absolutely did not work properly, and as a result she had tons of mold growing in her apartment. As a full grown adult woman, I would never put up with a see that didn’t work oh, and I especially would not allow them to take advantage of me and have mold growing in my house. But a lot of these companies know they can take advantage of the students. I am very fortunate because my property owner takes care of all issues right away. Just recently, I had to text him and let him know that my air conditioning was not keeping the house cool anymore. He did not waste any time. He got on the phone right away and called the heating and cooling company and set up an ac service call for the very next day. The guys from the HVAC company came out the next day as promised, and I had my air conditioning working right away. I do not take these great AC companies and property managers for granted because I know how bad some of those property managers are.

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