The dog likes nature’s air conditioning

I have a pretty relaxed day this week so I am going to just take it simple. I might also go by the local HVAC business to look at the latest HVAC technology, too. We are in the market to purchase a new thermostat for our A/C system. We want to see if we might be able to purchase it locally before going online to place an order. The one that we have is really old. It’s one of the old dial thermostats. We want to put it to rest, however first we would like to find a new smart thermostat that will do the things that we need it to do. I think that they cost way too much for what they do, but I guess they could actually save us a lot of time spent fiddling around with the settings on the thermostat. We mess around with the old one all the time. I suppose our dad put it in back in 1971. It’s really high time that we finally move on to a new type of thermostat. He left us with some money, and so we want to be sure that we spend it wisely. I just want to do things around the new house that will help improve our quality of life. My dad was in the HVAC business for many years. He gave us his HVAC company too and we ended up selling it for a nice profit. We are grateful for his help over the years, too! I just got a new puppy which I named after my dad so his name is Bennett. I think I will bring Bennett along with me to the local HVAC business later today when we go to see those new thermostats.Bennet really likes going for rides in the car with me with the windows down. I guess it’s like nature’s air conditioning vent blasting in his face.

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