Those were the days

Out of all the decades, I think I miss the 90s the most.

The whole decade was a marvelous time when we would play basketball, have water fights in summer, and just enjoy our days living in this wonderful country. We would always have summertime cookouts with some of the best food prepared by skilled cooks in our families. I always enjoyed burgers and hotdogs myself, I couldn’t get enough of them! Of course, you couldn’t go wrong with some delicious steak with some mashed potatoes and baked beans on the side either. We had awesome music in the 90s as well and we had decent HVAC systems too. The HVAC systems seemed more simple back then, but of course we still had regular HVAC maintenance to keep those systems running strong. We actually had a central HVAC during that time and I feel that we were lucky for that. I actually had buddies who liked to spend time at our home hanging out often because our cooling system was so nice. All they had back at home were some window AC units that didn’t work nearly as well as a central HVAC system. I would go over to their homes to hang out, but not nearly as often. It did feel a little overheated and uncomfortable. I was happy for one of my friends when he at least got a window AC unit in his room. It wasn’t so bad hanging out at his place when he had that. We would play video games for hours on end, a lot of us friends would have competitions playing games like Street Fighter. Oh man, those were the days.


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