What are the best air conditioning brands?

I need to get a new A/C component soon and want to know which brands are the most reliable and most efficient so I can save money in cooling and heating costs down the road.

I suppose it is going to be a big purchase so I want to get a brand that can save me money each month to take away from the pain of purchasing the Heating and Air Conditioning system.

I don’t have a ton of extra money right now so I need to be choosy on which brand I buy. I think the local business has some fantastic Heating and Air Conditioning reps there that know a lot about the latest technology and can point me in the right direction for my purchase. I am willing to spend up to $15K for my system and I think that is enough to get me a fantastic reliable brand that will last for several years. Right now I have a window unit in my living room because our new Heating and Air Conditioning system is not working well and the room ends up being too hot most of the time. I plan on keeping the window unit, even when I get a whole new system, so that I can run it when I don’t want to cool down the rest of the house. Some days I am working in our living room, which also serves as our office. I don’t like running the central cooling system to cool down rooms that don’t need it. Maybe I need to look into zoned cooling and heating for our beach house so I don’t have to worry about window units and space heaters ever again.

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